Cornelia Farm was born out of the idea to pay homage to my mother...Cornelia. She was from the Netherlands (as is my entire family) and she was trained as a seamstress just out of high school. She came to the U.S. in 1959 with my father and acquired a job as a seamstress in a dry cleaners. She did not speak one word of English. The story was that her skills were so impressive that even despite the lack of language skills, she was too good to pass up. They hired her on the spot.

One day, when I was 10 years old, she came to me and said "O.K. Karin c'mon...I'm going to teach you to sew." There was a pause and apparently I put my hands on my hips and said "Mom! I'm going to become a career woman....I don't need to know how to sew!" and I turned around and walked away. My mom just laughed and said "Well o.k. then."

It was true, I did become a career woman but I'd wished I would have let her teach me. She passed away in 2010 and left me her 1960s avocado green industrial strength sewing machine. So here I am learning to sew just as she learned to speak english....on the job.


Seamstress Graduation Photo

(in the Netherlands)


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