Cornelia Farm is a CRUELTY FREE and animal loving business. We do not use animal products in any of our wares. For example, some have asked if our felt related products are made from wool and the answer is no. We only use classic (polyester) felt for our products. 

In addition to being CRUELTY FREE, we make a donation to small animal sanctuaries and shelters each month. We try to spread the wealth to a variety of organizations. We want to support all of the wonderful work going on out there to help animals. 

If you are an small animal sanctuary or shelter and would like to partner with us, we would be happy to post a logo (link) on this page to connect our fans to your organization. Please reach us through our contact page and we will discuss this possible partnership. There are plenty of animals that need our help and we are more effective as a joined force.


Cornelia Farm

Cornelia Farm made a donation this month to sponsor a turkey through the wonderful organization Woodstock Farm Santuary. Before being rescued, Dornell was being raised for a Thanksgiving Dinner. Thankfully, she was rescued and is destined for a great life along with her co-rescued friend Tom the guinea fowl. They nap and cuddle and it is said that Tom waits for Dornell to eat his food until he calls Dornell over to share. Sob!! We love all of them here at Cornelia Farm and keep in mind when you buy a product from us, we make a donation to help animals like Dornell.